Hey look: Scott Gomez makes his Sens debut tonight


We’re at a fun point with Scott Gomez now.

The days of people making cruel jokes about his production because of an onerous contract are fairly dim off in the distance, so it’s instead enjoyable to watch as he keeps fighting his way back to the NHL.

In the latest instance, he’s making his debut for the Ottawa Senators on Thursday after they signed him to a cheap deal yesterday.

If you ask the 36-year-old, he can still make an impact beyond being something of a novelty, as Puck Daddy reports.

“I wouldn’t be here [if I didn’t have anything left in the tank],” Gomez said. “The thing about hockey is your hands and your head, they just don’t go. The first thing to go on our bodies are our legs. And one thing about it, I’ve still got the legs.”

He’ll get a chance to prove that tonight.

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