Henrik Lundqvist: Not a happy man against Penguins tonight


With Nicklas Lidstrom retired, Henrik Lundqvist may very well have inherited the title of “Perfect Hockey Human.” Perhaps that’s why so many people enjoy his rare moments of vulnerability.

Thursday wasn’t about Lundqvist allowing an unusual soft goal, though. In tonight’s case, Lundqvist lost his cool against the Pittsburgh Penguins, eventually getting pulled from the net.

Really, it might have come down to New York Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault wanting to protect said nets:


Update: In less amusing news, Lundqvist got the early hook in part because of an injury. On the bright side, it doesn’t appear to be serious.

The Penguins ended up beating the Rangers 4-1.


In case the text of that Tweet didn’t make it clear, the Penguins seem to enjoy King Henrik’s little meltdown.

One can only imagine the locker room damage (hide the Gatorade cooler):

Oh, and the jokes. So many jokes.

Yes, a rare sight, although Lundqvist getting the early shower is a discouragingly common thing this season:

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