Goalie on goalie crime: Fleury calls Lundqvist’s meltdown ‘baby stuff’


In the grand tradition of Roberto Luongo, Tim Thomas and tires that did not get pumped, it appears as if we have a little bit of goalie-to-goalie trash-talking to bask in.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter feed sure had some fun with Henrik Lundqvist‘s net-chucking mini-meltdown, and it appears to be in line with how at least some of their players feel.

Marc-Andre Fleury goes as far as to call Lundqvist’s actions “baby stuff,” according to Pens Inside Scoop.

(At least one other source confirms the phrasing.)

Here’s a reminder of said “baby stuff.”

And, again, the Penguins were amused:

Pittsburgh’s laughing after a 4-1 win against the New York Rangers tonight, but allow some begging: can this be a playoff series in 2016? Pretty please?

(H/T to The Score.)