Connor McDavid 1, Jack Eichel 0: Oilers win in rookie showdown


The first regular season game featuring Connor McDavid vs. Jack Eichel began in McDavid’s advantage. It also ended with an edge to the first pick of the 2015 NHL Draft.

After scoring 22 seconds into Tuesday’s Edmonton Oilers – Buffalo Sabres game, McDavid also ended the contest with an exhilarating overtime goal.

In a fitting twist, Eichel nearly created the overtime-winner for Buffalo, only for McDavid to take it the other way for the clincher. You can watch that remarkable exchange in the video above.

Now, McDavid and the Oilers got the first and last laughs tonight, but that doesn’t mean Eichel was quiet.

Both players managed five shots on goals, made some nice moves and logged at least 20 minutes of ice time. McDavid just happened to get the better of Eichel, overall.

This time, at least.

… No reason to get weird about it either, right?

Uh oh.