Red Wings edge Columbus via shootout, defuse late controversy


Detroit Red Wings fans are no strangers to controversial calls, but Tuesday’s crowd-displeasing moment may fizzle away because the home team won.

Petr Mrazek and the fans at Joe Louis Arena were incensed when a would-be breakout pass for a potential Pavel Datsyuk breakaway was whistled dead prematurely in overtime.

It was one of those moments that would generate even louder grumbling if Detroit didn’t beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1 via a shootout tonight.

The Red Wings did win, however, and they celebrated a night for Nicklas Lidstrom with a tightly-fought victory. Detroit ended a four-game losing streak in the process, too, so a defeat really could have lingered in the minds of many.

Granted, it’s not the prettiest win, and the Red Wings would probably like to light up the scoreboard after this narrow win and Sunday’s 1-0 overtime loss to Ottawa.

Not every win can be pretty … especially with their perfect human firmly in retirement.