No joke: Mitch Albom’s writing the script for the John Scott movie


So, get this: Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. reports that there will indeed be a movie depicting John Scott’s journey to become MVP of the 2016 NHL All-Star Game.

Not only that, but Mitch Albom is writing the script.

(Seems like a good time to roll with this GIF.)

Mandalay Sports Media acquired the rights to the story, which will be produced by Mike Tollin and Jon Weinbach. It’s important to note that there can often be bumps in the road between plans being hatched to make a movie and “sitting in a theater and nitpicking that movie.”

Still, it’s pretty wild stuff. Read more about it here.

Oh, and sadly, all the best/worst jokes have already been made:

(OK, that last one wasn’t about the movie and might not have been a joke.)