Brian Elliott leaves with injury as Jake Allen returns


The St. Louis Blues currently find themselves down 3-0 early to the San Jose Sharks, yet that’s probably not why Brian Elliott left their net.

The belief is that Elliott may have suffered a lower-body injury. If true, this is maybe the most “2015-16 St. Louis Blues” thing possible, as this team continues to weather a baffling array of injuries.

On Sunday alone, the team dealt with the gut-punch of an announcement that Alexander Steen will miss at least one month of action.

It’s weirdly fitting, too, that Elliott¬†might be injured on the night that Jake Allen returned from his own issues. For all the talk about a goalie controversy, perhaps the multiple-choice question should have been:

A) Allen
B) Elliott
C) Injuries will take the choice away

Now, Ken Hitchcock has been a little funky with goalie swaps before, so there’s always the chance that Elliott is OK. Perhaps it will go down as an early hook, after all?

Update: It is indeed a lower-body injury.

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