Darryl Sutter did not want to reminisce about Justin Williams and Mike Richards


The adjective “loquacious” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “full of excessive talk.”

Synonyms include blabby, chatty, and gabby.

Antonyms include close-mouthed, tight-lipped, and a picture of Kings head coach Darryl Sutter.

And so it was no surprise this morning when Sutter was asked about two of his former players, Justin Williams and Mike Richards, and he replied with this:

“They’re on the other team tonight. … They won two Cups with us, and they’re great memories. We don’t have to share them publicly, do we?”

Then, when pressed, this:

“You guys writing a book about all the players who used to play in Los Angeles, a 50-year thing, or what’s going on here?”

Drew Doughty was a bit more forthcoming. The Kings’ defenseman was happy to share all sorts of complimentary things about Williams ahead of tonight’s contest at Verizon Center — one that’s being billed as a potential Stanley Cup Final preview.

Richards’ first game against the Kings is, of course, a much more sensitive topic, as he did not leave the organization in a good way. In October, GM Dean Lombardi likened Richards’ “destructive spiral” to “suspecting your wife of cheating on you for five years and then finding out in fact it was true.”

Like Sutter, Richards was not in a super reflective mood.

“No offense, but if I never get interviewed again… I don’t go looking for interviews like some people might,” he told reporters. “I think [Lombardi] obviously wanted to get his … whatever out there, and he went and sought that. I’m the type of guy that kind of shies away from that stuff and I don’t have any need to comment on it.”

This is the first of two games between the Kings and Caps. They meet again March 9 at Staples Center.

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