John Scott’s story: Coming to a theater near you?


John Scott‘s journey from enforcer to voting punch-line to All-Star Game MVP smells a bit like hockey’s “Rudy,” so why shouldn’t his story hit theaters, too?*

He remarked that you “can’t write this stuff” on Sunday, but that’s not stopping the multimedia opportunities from piling in, as his agent Ben Hankinson explained to TSN.

“The John Scott ride has been nothing short of a rollercoaster to an incredible ending,” Hankinson said. “We do have a lot of different options for him to pursue, but he’s not looking to do everything there is. He’s going to have some different routes that he can take as far as books and even a potential movie. He can take it as far as he wants to.”

Scott’s story really has a little of everything.

Family drama to elicit some tears following the triumphant moment when Scott was named All-Star Game MVP.

Not to mention plenty of comic relief.

The NHL may be a little concerned about playing the bad guy, especially if this Players’ Tribune piece is heavily sourced. (The league did soften its stance with this nice gesture, though, at least.)

There will be those who complain about Scott extended his 15 minutes of fame to the 90-minute format of a biopic, but either way, Hankerson is probably right in saying that Scott’s career has been changed forever.

In other words, maybe he won’t have to plunge into the “real world” as soon as he expected.

P.S. – Have fun armchair casting the movie.

* – Seriously, Google “John Scott Rudy” and you’ll get a ton of stuff, including Bruce Arthur’s great National Post column.