Here are the rules for the NHL’s 3-on-3 All Star tournament


Want to know how the 2016 NHL All-Star Game’s 3-on-3 tournament will work? Look no further.

  • It’s a three-game tournament, with the winner of the Metropolitan Division vs. Atlantic going up against the winner of the Pacific vs. Central in the final round. The East won the Skills Competition, so they elected to go first.
  • Six forwards, three defensemen and two goalies make up each 11-player team.
  • Each game is 20 minutes long, with two 10-minute periods. There’s a “hard whistle” after the first 10 minutes of each game to signify the end of a period, with teams switching sides.
  • Every goal will be subject to video review.
  • Power plays will be 4-on-3 on 5-on-3. In other words, as usual, there won’t be fewer than three players on the ice for either side.
  • In an interesting wrinkle, minor penalties will last one minute rather than two.
  • There will be the same officials for all games, with referees Dan O’Rourke and Ian Walsh alongside linesmen Jonny Murray and Vaughan Rody.
  • The grand prize is $1 million, split between members of the winning team.

Got it? Good.