Don Cherry: Wideman was ‘stunned’ before he hit linesman Don Henderson


Don Cherry has weighed in on the Dennis Wideman controversy.

Wideman was suspended indefinitely after he knocked over linesman Don Henderson during a game between the Calgary Flames and Nashville Predators on Wednesday.

The Flames’ veteran defenseman maintained afterward that the contact — what certainly looked like a cross checking motion — with Henderson wasn’t intentional. The incident occurred seconds after Wideman was hit hard into the boards, leaving him to struggle to his skates and make his way slowly to his bench.

“What happened was he was stunned,” Cherry told reporters in Vancouver after the CHL Top Prospects Game.

“That was a pretty good hit in the corner. He looked up and he saw somebody coming at him. He was just ticked off. I don’t think he thought it was the (linesman). He just saw a body coming at him.

“That’s too bad. He’ll probably get some games because you can’t touch an official. He’s never really done anything like that before.”