Mason doesn’t believe injury is serious

AP Photo

All things considered, there are certainly a lot worse times for goaltender Steve Mason to be dealing with a lower-body injury.

The ailment prevented him from being the starter or backup on Wednesday, but thanks to the All-Star break he doesn’t have to worry about another game until Feb. 2. And by the sounds of it, if he’s not back for that contest, he might not miss much more than that.

“It’s not too serious,” Mason told CSN Philly. “We’re in the stretch here where we have a little bit of time to take advantage of some rest. That’s what we’re doing.”

We’ll have to see if this proves to be a bigger deal than it’s being portrayed, but it is worth noting that he was at least on the ice Wednesday morning. Philadelphia has also returned goalie Jason LaBarbera to the minors, per the team’s Twitter feed.

That brings the Flyers back down to two goaltenders, but of course the decision to reassign LaBarbera could be more of a reflection of the All-Star break then it is of Mason’s status. This makes LaBarbera available to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms over the weekend and after that the Flyers can recall him if needed.