Love mascots? 2016 NHL All-Star weekend has you covered

via Blackhawks/"Tommy Hawk"

With the possible prerequisite of actually enjoying hockey,* the 2016 NHL All-Star weekend provides a little of everything for visitors.

There’s even a cheese fountain.

Some people just can’t get enough of mascots, and those individuals are in for quite a blast.

Read the full details of the second “Mascot Showdown” here.

For the skimmers out there, a few daily highlights:

Tonight: Musical chairs and bowling

Friday: Summer camp-style activities like a three-legged (or hooves/whatever would be appropriate for said fake-animal) and a tug-of-war

Saturday: Broomball and dodgeball

Sunday: Dance competition!

(It was tough to resist exclamation points for all these activities, but dance competition was just too much.)

You can already watch the introductions via this NHL periscope.

* – Although, there are probably enough side attractions to appease those blasphemous puck-haters, too.