Blown away: Hurricanes blank Blackhawks


The Carolina Hurricanes chased Corey Crawford from Chicago’s net, and didn’t stop there, likely inspiring a few jokes about the Blackhawks taking their All-Star break one game early.

The Hurricanes blew past the Blackhawks in the first period, building a 3-0 lead that was Crawford’s undoing. Scott Darling didn’t enjoy a great night, either, as Carolina ultimately cruised to a surprising 5-0 win.

(Granted, advanced stats argue that the Hurricanes might be better than many believe, yet it’s still an unexpected result.)

There’s little doubt that Carolina had the most to gain from a win here, even if the Blackhawks hope to fatten their lead over the Dallas Stars for first place in the Central Division. With this win, the Hurricanes’ playoff hopes seem that much more reasonable, even if it still looks like an uphill battle.

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Every team faces nights like these, and perhaps the Blackhawks were merely winded. It only makes sense that a team named the Hurricanes would highlight that point.