What’s better: Center-ice goal or dog-winning goal?


There’s a racket going on in NHL arenas lately.

1. A kid brings a “Player X, score a goal so I can have a doggie”-type sign.

2. Player scores one goal, if not more.

3. Coach and kid high five, presumably.

The question, though, is which entertains you more: a goal that lands a child a cuddly, fluffy beast or a monstrous goal from way downtown?

Tonight’s Columbus Blue Jackets – Montreal Canadiens game provides an example of both.

First, here’s P.K. Subban scoring a long-distance goal:

Then, there’s Cam Atkinson granting a puppy wish, his first tally of two (and maybe counting):

Aside: if Atkinson gets a third goal, is it a dog trick? Did he already generate a DWG (dog-winning goal)? So many questions.


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