Stamkos plays coy about contract rumors


Did the Tampa Bay Lightning really offer Steven Stamkos an eight-year, $68 million contract?

We may not know for some time – if ever – but Stamkos isn’t telling. He wasn’t being very forthcoming with the Tampa Bay Tribune on Monday, as you can see.

“Whether it was true or not, there has been a lot said — things that haven’t been true, and people have said things that are true,” Stamkos said. “And you have to make a story when things are not going on. So, all the stuff that we have talked about will stay internal and we’ll go from there.’’

OK, then.

According to many commenters, an $8.5 million annual salary probably wouldn’t be able to lock Stamkos down, even with the familiarity and chance to compete in Tampa Bay.

Chances are, if the years and dollars are right, Stamkos won’t need to be so guarded.

Of course, it could easily take months for that to happen.