Jackets say Bobrovsky didn’t return too early from groin injury

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Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen insists that Sergei Bobrovsky was not rushed back from his latest groin injury.

“He was fully healed, with full strength, full range of motion,” Kekalainen told the Columbus Dispatch over the weekend. “Everything was back to normal. In everybody’s mind who has worked with him, he was not coming back too early at all.”

But it’s understandable why people would wonder. Bobrovsky has suffered yet another groin strain. The 27-year-old with the big contract is out indefinitely.

The Dispatch spoke to a specialist in sports-related injuries for its story, and the good news is that Dr. Randy Wroble sees “no reason to think this is going to end” Bobrovsky’s career.

Just don’t expect the Jackets to have their starting goalie back anytime soon. It’s not like the playoffs are a factor for this team, and this time, according to Kekalainen, they’re going to be even more cautious than the last time.