Yes, the league will have a hearing for Milan Lucic’s ‘sucker punch’


In an announcement that likely surprises few, the NHL’s Department of Player Safety said that it will have a hearing with Milan Lucic for his sucker punch on Kevin Connauton.

OK, it’s a little surprising that the league actually deemed it a sucker punch in its official release, but it’s not all that astounding that Lucic’s latest scene of white-hot anger drew such attention.

There’s no clarification regarding whether or not this is an in-person or telephone hearing.

(Click here for Lucic’s reaction to the whole situation.)

It sounds like Lucic avoided injury from last night’s Arizona Coyotes – Los Angeles Kings game, although apparently his hand went numb.

Lucic is no stranger to calls from the league; heck, he even got some attention for a “sucker punch” many moons ago. He’s dodged suspensions quite a few times over the years – including for that memorable running of Ryan Miller – yet he’s also missed time here and there.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with this. You can watch that scene in the video above.

Even if you limit scary Lucic rage moments to the Kings, this hasn’t been the first time, as you witness here …