At least one positive for Blue Jackets: Seth Jones looks legit


You know how a significant chunk of people felt like the Seth JonesRyan Johansen could benefit everyone involved? So far … that seems pretty much dead-on.

Now, one could split hairs about who benefits their team more, but honestly? We’ll likely have a decade-plus to fuss about that.

The bottom line is that things are rough for the Columbus Blue Jackets – even John Tortorella can’t stay healthy – so maybe Jones’ fantastic work is flying under the radar for most. He’s been impressive enough that he might even make some Blue Jackets fans feel optimistic.

The fancy stats argue at much.

In case you’re brain shut down for a second there, the 21-year-old’s strong play is showing in more traditional ways, too.

He just saw a four-game point streak (five assists) end on Saturday, giving him five points in his eight games with Columbus. He only had 11 in 40 with Nashville, so it’s clear that he’s thriving with almost five extra minutes of ice time per game.

This hasn’t been the season the Blue Jackets were hoping for, but so far, Jones has been as promising as advertised.