So, the Blackhawks are playing Rob Scuderi as a winger …


When people were assessing the Rob Scuderi for Trevor Daley trade, few likely noted that, “Hey, Scuderi can pinch hit at as a winger.”

(OK, even Scuderi’s representatives and loved ones probably wouldn’t make that argument.)

In a truly strange wrinkle, he appears to be doing so for the Chicago Blackhawks against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. Note that this Scuderi is subbing in at that spot in a clash between a team that’s on a 12-game winning streak (Chicago) against the Lightning, who have won six in a row.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Mark Lazerus enjoyed this lineup oddity, to say the least.

… You get the idea.

Update: Prepare to be shocked: this might be short-lived.