Denis Potvin extends his ‘sincere apologies to Daniel Sedin’


Denis Potvin is sorry he called Daniel Sedin a “lowlife.”

“My choice of words at the conclusion of the Vancouver game on Monday should have been more appropriate,” Potvin said in a statement that was published today on the Florida Panthers’ website.

“In the passion of the moment and under the circumstances of how the game ended, they came out wrong. For that I’m going to extend my sincere apologies to Daniel Sedin, Trevor Linden and the Canucks organization.”

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Potvin’s remarks during the Panthers broadcast were widely criticized by fans and media alike. And not just by the local Vancouver media; by prominent national reporters like Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun as well.

The Canucks were plenty angry themselves, with GM Jim Benning telling that he doesn’t understand why the Sedin twins continue to be disparaged in the manner they were Monday.

“I was in Boston, part of the Bruins, and I know Boston loves its tough hockey players,” Benning said. “Well, these guys are tough as anyone — physically, mentally, emotionally. They play the game like warriors. They still always seem to be getting challenged and questioned. I don’t get that.”