Denis Potvin isn’t done talking about Daniel Sedin


Less than 24 hours after calling Daniel Sedin a “lowlife,” Florida Panthers color commentator and Hockey Hall of Famer Denis Potvin had some more words for the Vancouver winger.

“It ended badly because of Sedin’s actions,” Potvin told Sirius XM the morning after Vancouver’s 3-2 OT win, in which Sedin scored the winner, then gestured towards the Florida bench.

“I mean, if in any game in any era, in any decade, a guy turns around and starts goading the team after scoring the winning goal — can you imagine?

“Can you imagine doing that in Philly, or Boston, or Long Island after a winning streak, or let’s make it a Stanley Cup championship? What you do normally — normally — after you’re the team that beats the team on the streak, is you just talk about incredible respect for what they were able to accomplish.”

Henrik Sedin said his brother’s actions were in response to something a Florida player said during the course of Friday’s game. Neither brother would identify the Panther in question, nor repeat what was said.

But it was clear someone really got under the skin of the 35-year-old veteran, enough for him to kick off the postgame melee.

Sportsnet reported the comments were made by Shawn Thornton, who has history with Vancouver from his time with the Bruins.

Potvin, who also said “I see the Sedins are pointing fingers now,” and “normally they only use those fingers to lick the peanut butter off of their bread” during last night’s broadcast, remained shocked at Sedin’s antics.

“The Florida Panthers gained a tremendous amount of respect over the last couple of months,” he said. “The streak goes on, the longest in the NHL for this season, and getting really close to historical times.

“Instead of that, you have a player that scores a winning goal to stop the streak, and he goes over and goads the other bench. Well, that was just beyond belief.”