Video: Jarome Iginla notches his 600th career goal


Jarome Iginla‘s 600th career regular season goal was one of those “I totally meant to do that” goals.

The beloved Colorado Avalanche forward admitted to NBCSN’s Brian Boucher that he was actually trying to make a pass on that big milestone goal. Instead, the puck ricocheted off of Los Angeles Kings defenseman Jake Muzzin and into the Kings’ net.

(You can watch it unfold in the video above.)

It wasn’t a typical goal for the prolific power forward, yet he flashed his winning smile once he scored it (and got it out of the way) nonetheless.

The NHL shared where those goals came from:

Sure, Iginla didn’t get to score that goal against the Calgary Flames, but he’s probably not too perturbed.

Up next? Trying to tie and then pass Jari Kurri, who sits at 601 career goals.