Even a mostly strong night for the Ducks carries some bad news


Relatively speaking, this was a night brimming with good news for the Anaheim Ducks.

As per usual for their so-far disastrous season, there’s still a hiccup in an otherwise promising evening.

Let’s consider the good first:

  • Ryan Getzlaf responded to his latest round of self-criticism with a goal, and this one even came with a goalie in the net. His previous lone goal was an empty-netter. You can watch that triumphant moment in the video above.
  • Corey Perry enjoyed a strong night of his own, scoring two goals, including the game-winner. He’s been more productive (and healthier) than Getzlaf this season, yet just about every Ducks player has faced a bump in the road.
  • That previous point spoiled this, but the Ducks got the win by way of a 4-2 score against the Philadelphia Flyers. (Apparently they’re used to succeeding against Philly.)
  • Anaheim carried the shots battle and might just have their “guy” in net, at least as much as this goalie-fickle franchise ever does …

That said, it’s not all good news. Anaheim faces an upcoming three-game road trip, and they’re at risk of doing so without Cam Fowler, who was injured during Sunday’s win.

There wasn’t much of an update regarding Fowler’s condition following the game.

No doubt, that’s a bummer. Even so, the Ducks might just have to take what they can get, and tonight provided a win and maybe a boost in confidence for their captain.


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