Sounds like Streit’s return – and cap questions – are on hold for Flyers


The salary cap means that a normally no-doubt, good-news return can instead generated conflicted feelings.

The Philadelphia Flyers present a prime example, as Mark Streit‘s impending return may prompt a tough choice: demote red-hot rookie defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere or clear that $860K in cap space, as’s Tim Panaccio discusses.

So far, it seems as though the Flyers put the question on pause.

Streit is reportedly not expected to play on Sunday, and it sounds like their deadline for a decision may not come until Wednesday.

Panaccio argues that this decision is about development rather than money … or maybe it’s really about tanking?

Sending him down to the minors would send a terrible message to his teammates. Namely, the club is willing to suffer the consequences on the ice in the name of four more months of maturation in the minors.

It’s not an outright tanking of the season like the Sixers are doing, but to the fan base, that’s exactly how it would be interpreted. That’s a public relations and marketing nightmare for the Flyers.

(More good stuff from Panaccio here.)

Again, the decision was postponed, but ultimately the Flyers have a move (or moves) to make.