Rinaldo says linesman ‘cranked me down pretty hard,’ caused injury (Video)


Curious tidbit here from CSNNE’s Joe Haggerty on the injury that forced Zac Rinaldo to miss Boston’s last three games:

The more interesting aspect of the situation was the B’s fourth liner claiming that linesmen David Brisebois was the one that caused the [upper-body] injury when he was separating Rinaldo and Matt Hendricks after the two of them scrapped in the Edmonton game a week ago.

“He was trying to keep me down, so I wouldn’t get up,” said Rinaldo. “I was coming up, and he cranked me down pretty hard.”

Here’s the incident in question (Brisebois is No. 96):

It’s hard to see what exactly happened — the incident was over pretty quick, and Rinaldo didn’t appear to immediately grab at any injured part of his (upper) body.

He also ended up playing for the remainder of the contest, finishing with 14 shifts for just under nine minutes of ice time.

That said, he was clearly displeased with Brisebois’ actions. Rinaldo went on to tell CSNNE “there was no reason to use that much force like the ref did,” and “the last thing you want to deal with is a ref using all his strength.”

He did say he’ll be available for selection should the B’s need him tomorrow night, when they host the Blues at TD Garden.