Uh oh: Sidney Crosby’s day-to-day with lower-body injury


Pittsburgh Penguins fans might be wise not to ask the question: “Can it get any worse?”

The answer’s just about always “Yes.”

Sunday presented the latest evidence, as the team announced that Sidney Crosby is day-to-day with a lower-body injury. As you likely know, this word comes a day after the Penguins lost their fifth straight game, with Mike Sullivan still lacking a win as their new head coach.

Woof, that’s a paragraph loaded with sadness. Almost a factory of sadness, even.

Allow a few bits of mild optimism, then.

Yes, this isn’t good. Some might even cite this as evidence to why No. 87 has suffered from such a puzzling lack of offense.

Could the Penguins just be picking a smart time to give Crosby a much-needed breather, though?

During this holiday week, the Penguins will get a big break. They face the Blue Jackets in Pittsburgh and then go on a siesta until a back-to-back set on Saturday and Sunday.

Wouldn’t that be the perfect time to sit their embattled leader?

No, this isn’t a good thing. Even so, it might not be such a bad situation in the big picture.