Yeah, things aren’t looking great for the Habs right now


Blame Carey Price‘s injury, regression or any number of factors, but the Montreal Canadiens are struggling … and it could get awfully messy to end 2015.

Montreal dropped a 3-0 loss to the Los Angeles Kings, a defeat that can at least partially be chalked up to a great performance by Jonathan Quick.

It was nearly historic:

Even so, Montreal’s hurting in more ways than one. They’ve now lost six of seen games are are just 2-6-1 in their past nine contests.

Have they always been lousy? No, but it sort of feels like they’re paying for earlier bounces, maybe even with interest.

If Canadiens fans hope for a light at the end of the tunnel, the truth is that it seems pretty far off into the distance right now. Montreal begins a harrowing eight-game road trip on Saturday, a run that ends in Philadelphia on Jan. 5.

When Price went down and things were going smoothly, it all felt like a valuable test for a team that was on an absolute roll. Now they’ll truly be tested, even if they get key players back along the way.