Here are the combined OT/shootout records of all 30 teams


The NHL gives the same value to a 3-on-3 overtime victory as it does to one that came in regulation. Some people think that’s fine, some don’t. We’re not here to argue that in this post. (Though we have in a previous video!)

Regardless of where you stand on that issue, we thought you may be curious to see all 30 teams’ combined overtime and shootout records. The standings at don’t show that. They only separate shootout records.

So, sorted by most combined OT/shootout wins to fewest…

Calgary Flames: 9-2
Los Angeles Kings: 7-2
New Jersey Devils: 7-4
Edmonton Oilers: 7-2
Detroit Red Wings: 7-6
Philadelphia Flyers: 7-6
Ottawa Senators: 6-5
New York Islanders: 5-5
Chicago Blackhawks: 5-4
Florida Panthers: 4-4
Washington Capitals: 4-2
Dallas Stars: 4-2
Tampa Bay Lightning: 4-3
Pittsburgh Penguins: 4-3
Carolina Hurricanes: 4-5
Toronto Maple Leafs: 3-6
St. Louis Blues: 3-4
San Jose Sharks: 3-1
Buffalo Sabres: 3-3
Arizona Coyotes: 3-2
Nashville Predators: 2-6
Montreal Canadiens: 2-3
New York Rangers: 2-4
Boston Bruins: 2-4
Anaheim Ducks: 1-5
Vancouver Canucks: 1-8
Minnesota Wild: 1-6
Colorado Avalanche: 1-1
Winnipeg Jets: 1-2
Columbus Blue Jackets: 1-3


— We wrote earlier today about the Calgary Flames. They won again in overtime last night. The Flames (14-14-2) have the most overtime/shootout victories in the NHL, and the fewest regulation victories (five). It’s pretty crazy.

— Crazier still? The two Alberta teams have won 16 combined games in overtime or the shootout. They’ve won 12 combined in regulation.

— The Kings (7-2) missed the playoffs last year, in large part due to a combined OT/shootout record of 3-15.

— The Canucks (1-8) made the playoffs last year, in large part due to a combined OT/shootout record of 12-5.

— Only four teams have more regulation wins than Minnesota (15). The Wild are 1-6 in overtime. They’ve yet to reach a shootout.

— Similar story for Nashville. Last night’s loss to Calgary dropped the Preds’ overtime record to 0-5.

— The Avs went to overtime 24 times last year, tied for fourth most in the league. They’ve only been twice this year.

— The Jets also went 24 times last year. They’ve only been three times this year.

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