The latest on Coyotes’ ownership, arena situations

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Wednesday presented some interesting developments in the seemingly never-ending story that is the Arizona Coyotes’ ownership/arena situations.’s Craig Morgan provides two updates – one on each topic – with the general takeaway being that there are some positives, even if it’s a work in progress (as usual).

Andrew Barroway might not go away after all: Back in July, it looked like Barroway would shift away from being the Coyotes’ principal owner. It sounds like he’s had a change of heart.

Morgan reports that Barroway expects to maintain his majority (at least 51 percent) stake in the team. It reportedly has nothing to do with the arena search that really kicked into gear in early November.

Possible home at Arizona Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum?: Morgan’s other update reveals that the franchise “met at least twice” with officials of that arena to find a temporary home for the ‘Yotes once their lease agreement expires with Glendale in 2017.

Morgan provides far more details here, including these bits:

Arizona Sports reported on Nov. 2 that there are at least three possibilities for a new home for the Coyotes in the Valley after their agreement with Glendale expires following the 2016-17 NHL season: a shared arena with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns downtown, an arena that could be shared with Arizona State University’s hockey team (possibly on campus), and an arena along the 101 corridor.

Any of those options would require significant planning and construction time, so the Coyotes could need a temporary home for several years. The Coyotes practiced at the Coliseum when they first arrived in the Valley from Winnipeg for the 1996-97 season. They also held their first training camp there.

Interesting stuff, right?

If nothing else, it seems like no stone is being left un-turned.