Report: Panthers to unveil new uniforms next season


Per the Miami Herald, the Florida Panthers will change their look next season — dramatically.

According to the Herald’s George Richards, the Panthers are “completely re-branding” themselves for the 2016-17 campaign, complete with a new logo and, potentially, a new color scheme.


Since breaking into the league in ’93, Florida’s been pretty consistent with the “Leaping Cat” logo on the sweater front, though it did alter that design with the now-defunct “JetBlue” jerseys (the Panthers stopped wearing them three years ago).

For those of you not familiar with the JetBlue thing — the story behind the jerseys is they were developed, in part, to lure in the discount airline to become one of Florida’s major sponsors.

Whether or not that’s true is the stuff of urban legend, but JetBlue did sign on… so there’s that.