More F-bombs between officials and players (this time: James Neal)


Brad Marchand wasn’t the only guy on the ice during Nashville’s eventual 3-2 win vs. Boston who had a “reputation.”

It seems like Predators winger James Neal is developing the same sort of permanent record among league officials, as he didn’t just draw an embellishment penalty … he apparently also received a couple words you can’t say on TV.

The NESN broadcast’s live mics caught the “exchange.” Listen in with headphones, as these are NSFW and would require “ear muffs” for the young ones at home.

(It’s likely that notorious official Tim Peel may have been supplying the colorful language.)

Neal must be on some sort of watch list, as he also received an embellishment penalty on Dec. 3, and there were many who believed that he didn’t deserve that call …

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