Another low blow: Drew Doughty ‘slashes’ J.T. Brown


Another night, another stick where it absolutely should never be (especially if you’re the unlucky victim).

As you can see from the video – beginning with the Fox Sports local telecast for the Kings, quite obviously – Drew Doughty caught Tampa Bay Lightning forward J.T. Brown below the belt during Sunday’s game.

Doughty received a “slashing” penalty for that infraction.

So, the questions must emerge: should any additional discipline come? Is there any reason Doughty deserves a lighter or heavier punishment than Brandon Prust received for his bit of business with Brad Marchand?

Enough questions. Here’s a request: let’s not make this a disturbing pattern.

Update: Maybe it’s just a game in which elite defensemen are behaving badly? Check out Victor Hedman‘s elbow on Kyle Clifford.

The Kings ended up winning the game 3-1.