John Scott is currently leading the NHL All-Star vote


In a move reminiscent to the “Vote For Rory” campaign of eight years ago, Arizona Coyotes forward John Scott — who has one assist in 38 minutes of ice time this year — is looking down at Alexander Ovechkin, Patrick Kane and Jaromir Jagr atop the NHL All-Star perch.


If you’re wondering how this happened, it all started on the Puck Daddy/Marek vs. Wyshynski podcast. Then Reddit got involved. Not long after, getting John Scott into the All-Star Game became the kind of viral sensation the Internet hasn’t seen since keyboard cat.

(Or the Australian party kid with the sunglasses.)

This year’s All-Star Game, of course, will feature a new 3-on-3 tournament consisting of 20-minute “mini” games, eschewing the previous format where nobody tried to get hurt over 60 minutes of 5-on-5.