Roy: ‘We’re not happy to be dead-last in the NHL’


Patrick Roy tried to stay positive today. Oh, did he ever try.

The Avalanche head coach talked about how his team “played really well” in winning the first three games of its current seven-game trip.

He also felt the Avs played a “good game” against Pittsburgh. “We just came up short,” he said of the 4-3 defeat.

Roy even found a way to spin Saturday’s 7-3 loss to the Capitals, saying “there’s not that many teams that are going to win games in Washington, I can tell you that.”

Still, even Roy had to concede that not everything has been hunky-dory this year:

“We’re not happy to be dead-last in the NHL.”

Which is understandable.

Unless you’re the 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres.

To be fair, the Avs aren’t actually “dead-last” in the league. They’re tied for last with Edmonton. And both the Avs and the Oilers have a better points percentage than Columbus.

So hey, it could always be worse.

Colorado wraps up its seven-game journey tonight in Winnipeg.

“If we could go home with a 4-3 record (on the trip), it’d be something good for us,” said Roy.

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