Report: Tyson Barrie could find himself on trading block


The Colorado Avalanche are pretty hot on the ice right now, yet they also seem to be boiling on the hot stove.

Earlier this week, PHT touched on rumors about Matt Duchene‘s name possibly coming up in trade talks.

During Saturday’s latest Headlines segment on Sportsnet (worth a full watch, by the way), Elliotte Friedman said that defenseman Tyson Barrie might just get bandied about if the Avalanche believe that they cannot re-sign him.

Friedman points out that Barrie, a pending restricted free agent, holds arbitration rights.

He’s currently registering just a $2.6 million cap hit, and considering his offensive skills and the fact that he’s just 24, one would imagine a feeding frenzy. Perhaps historic rival the Detroit Red Wings might throw their name in the hat?

It’s tough to imagine the Avalanche parting with such a promising young defenseman, especially considering how hard they are to come by. Then again, that would really give him a lot of trade value, and maybe it would be best to move him if he’s not viewed as a “core” guy?