The Ducks are walking on eggshells, with half a brain


Read this post if you want to learn about Anaheim’s latest loss, and how grim things look thanks to an upcoming road trip.

Read this one if you want to chuckle/grimace at the Ducks’ reactions to Friday’s 4-1 loss to the New York Islanders.

It’s the sort of stuff that might make a general manager or owner squirm, if you’re into that whole … “watching the hot seat” thing.

Maybe the biggest debate is “Who came up with the most deflating comments?”

(You know things are bad when someone says “we need to have fun again.”)

  • Bruce Boudreau plainly speaks of the Ducks playing well in pockets but not putting it together.

So, which comments were the most amusing or disturbing? Do share.

Again, a more in-depth post can be found here.