Quick thinks Whitmore needs help to enforce goalie equipment rules


Jonathan Quick doesn’t deny that goalie gear could be a little smaller. But to make sure any new restrictions are enforced, the Kings’ netminder believes the NHL needs to hire some helpers for the guy — former NHL goalie Kay Whitmore — who’s in charge of monitoring the equipment.

“Kay [has] to be able to try to make his rounds and he has to be at the offices, approving the gear that’s getting shipped out,” Quick told the L.A. Times. “There’s some guys that get new gear once a month. You’ve got a lot of gear coming through his office that he has to try to approve and make sure it meets regulations.”

While Quick didn’t want to accuse any of his fellow netminders of “cheating,” he did say some have tried to “supplement their gear a little bit.”

It’s a sensitive subject with goalies. Yesterday, Canucks netminder Ryan Miller and TSN analyst Ray Ferraro engaged in a touchy back-and-forth on the subject. Miller insisted his pads adhered to league rules. Ferraro replied, “I don’t know how anyone can look at a goalie today and think their equipment is for protection. It absolutely isn’t…it’s about their goals-against average.”

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