Roman Josi smokes Erik Karlsson, scores beauty


Hey, you know how people sometimes ignore a player’s strong moments when they make a mistake?

Erik Karlsson brings a ton to the table – it’s fitting that he just recently scored a goal – but his critics will just want to marinate in the goal Roman Josi scored at his expense.

It’s not difficult to see why in this case, as Josi made a beautiful move to go by him and score a highlight reel tally, which you can watch above.

Let’s be honest, though: Josi really isn’t that far behind Karlsson from an offensive skill standpoint. Maybe that should be the takeaway as much as it is a takedown on Karlsson’s supposed shortcomings?

Either way, it’s been part of a high-scoring contest between the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators on Tuesday, and it’s a highlight to remember.

Update: This was a true shooting gallery of a game, with the Predators edging the Senators 7-5. That’s the highest scoring game of this young season.