Burrows: ‘I don’t think I crossed the line’ with Tootoo comments


Now all we need to know is what was said.

On Tuesday, Vancouver forward Alex Burrows responded to Jordin Tootoo‘s allegations of ‘classless and unacceptable‘ comments, downplaying whatever it is he uttered at Tootoo during Sunday’s game in New Jersey.

“I don’t think I crossed the line,” Burrows said, per the Canucks’ Twitter. “I’ve said and heard it before, it should have stayed on the ice.

“It’s a battle out there.”

Burrows wouldn’t repeat the comments made towards Tootoo, but did say 1) he’s said them and heard them multiple times on the ice, and 2) they weren’t in reference to Tootoo’s personal history or heritage.

Tootoo, who is of Inuit descent and previously participated in the league’s substance abuse and behavioral health program for an alcohol problem, said Burrows made remarks “about my personal life and family.”

The incident occurred while both players were in the penalty box during the second period of Sunday’s game.

“I have no respect for that guy,” Tootoo said. “Nor should the NHL. They shouldn’t tolerate stuff like that.”

Per the Record, Devils head coach John Hynes said that GM Ray Shero had spoken with the league about the incident.

Like Burrows, Tootoo declined to repeat the comments, or get more specific about their nature.