Ryan Miller returns to Buffalo, finally


The last time Ryan Miller played a game in Buffalo — on Feb. 25, 2014 — he was in goal for the hometown Sabres.

He didn’t play there after he was traded to the St. Louis Blues, and a knee injury last season kept him from starting for Vancouver when the Canucks traveled there in February.

Tomorrow afternoon, finally, he’ll play there again.

“To be there so long, then go cold turkey, it is a little bit strange,” Miller told the Vancouver Sun. “My parents are coming because going to Buffalo was a big part of their lives as well. And we’re going to be there a little early so there’s a chance to say hi. They have friends in Buffalo.”

Miller is enjoying a fine — and busy — beginning to the 2015-16 season. He’s started all but one of the Canucks’ 13 games, and has a .923 save percentage to show for it.

Vancouver announced yesterday that backup Jacob Markstrom (hamstring) was off to the AHL on a conditioning assignment, so Miller could see a few more days off shortly. Tomorrow’s game marks the start of a seven-game road trip for the Canucks.

But by the sounds of it, Saturday could be an emotional return for the 35-year-old, because Buffalo really was home.

“You really have to live there,” he told the Sun. “If you just drive into town, you’re not going to see what Buffalo offers. You have to get out and experience it and feel it. I enjoyed my time immensely.”