Oilers say Connor McDavid will be out ‘long-term’


Sometimes initial reports about hockey injuries encourage excessive pessimism. Sadly, those outlooks might have been accurate in Connor McDavid‘s case.

Edmonton Oilers coach Todd McLellan simply said that McDavid’s upper-body injury will keep McDavid out “long-term.”

That’s vague … but not very promising.

McDavid was seen with his left arm in a sling not that long after his scary crash (seen above), leading people to speculate about a broken collarbone or shoulder separation. It’s not too clear what the specific ailment is or what the window of recovery will be, but teams don’t often say “long-term” so early without cause.

For those who were jealous of the Oilers landing upon the McDavid pick, this is a window into how much of Edmonton’s progress comes from the super-hyped prospect.

For fans of the sport and the Oilers specifically, this is just terrible news.

The longer term Oilers response will say a lot, but let’s give Edmonton credit for digging deep and beating the Philadelphia Flyers 4-2 tonight after that injury.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie backs up the belief that he broke his collarbone:

As it turns out, Jordan Eberle may help to fill some of the void.