Video: Ruff’s successful challenge wipes out Leafs’ go-ahead goal

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Brad Boyes and the Toronto Maple Leafs thought they’d raced out to a 2-1 lead on Dallas in the first period of tonight’s game.

But Lindy Ruff had other ideas.

Dallas’ bench boss orchestrated a successful coach’s challenge to wipe out what would’ve been Boyes second of the night, correctly noting that Leafs center Byron Froese had gone offside prior to the puck going in.

From the NHL’s Situation Room Blog:

After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Linesman determined that Toronto’s Byron Froese was off-side prior to the goal.

According to Rule 78.7, “The standard for overturning the call in the event of a ‘GOAL’ call on the ice is that the Linesman, after reviewing any and all available replays and consulting with the Toronto Video Room, determines that one or more Players on the attacking team preceded the puck into the attacking zone prior to the goal being scored and that, as a result, the play should have been stopped for an “Off-side” infraction; where this standard is met, the goal will be disallowed.”

Therefore the original call is overturned – no goal Toronto Maple Leafs.

The clock is re-set to show 4:28 (15:32 elapsed time), when the off-side infraction occurred.

Since the Coach’s Challenge resulted in the original call being overturned, the Dallas Stars retain their time-out.

Earlier, Boyes and Froese had connected on the game’s opening goal, with the latter setting up the former at the 8:24 mark. It was Boyes’ first goal as a Leaf and Froese’s first point in the NHL.

Just under a minute later, Jamie Benn scored his league-high 10th goal to even the score at 1-1.