Report: Patrick Kane isn’t expected to face criminal charges


Nothing is official, but the Buffalo News’ sources don’t believe Patrick Kane is likely to face any criminal charges related to the allegations that he raped a woman.

Kane has been playing for the Chicago Blackhawks during the investigation.

This follows a report in mid-September that Kane’s DNA was found on the alleged victim’s shoulder and under her fingernails, but not on her genitals or undergarments.

There were also claims of evidence-tampering, which Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita refuted. With regards to the alleged evidence of tampering he said, “We believe the complainant’s mother has carried out an elaborate hoax.”

With regards to the latest report that Kane isn’t likely to face charges, Sedita said, “I am waiting for the investigation to be completed to my satisfaction and to confer with the assigned prosecutor, who is on her vacation six time zones away, before announcing anything further.”