Roy doesn’t think he’s wrong to be so optimistic about the Avs


Patrick Roy knows there are Colorado Avalanche fans who would like him to be a little tougher on his players, and not so darn positive all the time.

But even with a record of 2-5-1, and even with the worst puck-possession numbers in the league, he really, truly doesn’t believe it’s been that bad.

“I’m looking at all our games we’ve played so far, and out of our eight games, (in) seven of them we were either ahead, even, or one goal down…only two times we were two goals down in those seven games,” Roy told 104.3 The Fan this morning ahead of tonight’s game in Tampa Bay.

So, essentially, his argument is that the Avs have kept things close. For the most part.

Roy also said he isn’t worried that his players have tuned him out, and he defended the structure that the Avs employ.

And no, he doesn’t worry about getting fired.

“I’m not nervous about that at all,” he said.

Give the interview a listen here: