It’ll be ‘weird’ for Pens to see Bylsma coaching Sabres


Dan Bylsma is back in Pittsburgh today. For the first time since he was fired by the Penguins, he’ll be coaching against his former team.

Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury conceded it will be strange to see Bylsma on the Sabres’ bench.

“It’ll be weird, that’s for sure,” Fleury told “We got a Cup with him. So it’ll be weird to have him on the other bench, on the other side.”

Bylsma, meanwhile, hasn’t been so focused on his new team that returning to Pittsburgh slipped his mind.

“Of course I’ve thought about it,” Bylsma told reporters. “I haven’t been gone from Pittsburgh that long. We just moved a few months ago. I know more street names in Pittsburgh than I do in Buffalo right now. I’m going to know my way around when I get there.”

The Sabres beat the Flyers in Philadelphia on Tuesday, improving their record to 3-6-0. While the losses have continued to outnumber the wins, the team is far more competitive than it was last year. A victory tonight, over a Penguins side that played last night in Washington, is not out of the question, that’s for sure.

And wouldn’t that add to the pressure that Mike Johnston is already feeling.