Pittsburgh’s league-worst power play is looking the part so far


For all we know, this post could look really silly in mere minutes, or at least in the scope of Wednesday.

That’s the danger of in-game articles, but sheesh, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ power-less power play kind of forced the issue during the first period of tonight’s game against the Washington Capitals.

The low point was probably an ineffectual 5-on-3 power play – a lengthy opportunity at that – which produced more critiques than scoring chances.

Keep in mind that the Penguins’ power play came into this game with the least efficient power play in the league with an NHL-worst 7.1 percent success rate. Going 0-for-3 early on won’t help.

Moments like these should be beneficial for the Penguins, as some questioned the call:

Instead, it just shined an unfriendly spotlight on their struggles.

What would you do to fix things up? Many are blaming coaching:

Naturally, we’ll keep an eye on the Penguins as the night goes along. We could see more penalties at this rate, by the way: