Ladd on Kane: ‘We’ve moved on. And maybe he should, too’


The day after learning that former teammate Evander Kane had accused the Jets organization of not having his back, the Jets’ players were once again forced to comment on Evander Kane.

“It is frustrating to have to speak about somebody who’s no longer with us,” said Blake Wheeler, per the Winnipeg Sun.

Similarly, captain Andrew Ladd said: “We’ve moved on. And maybe he should, too.”

Dustin Byfuglien was not made available for comment. It was Byfuglien who reportedly threw Kane’s clothes into the shower last February, an incident that led to the end of Kane’s time in Winnipeg.

Coach Paul Maurice admitted today that he knew Kane had wanted out all along. 

“I was aware that Evander probably would like to have played somewhere else, and had a full understanding that when that contract expired he would be somewhere else,” Maurice said.

“In the end, I guess it was a difficult marriage that separated amicably.”

We’ll see how amicable Jets fans are actually feeling when the Sabres visit MTS Centre on Jan. 10.


Jan. 10!!!