Video: Andersen dislodges net, wipes out Chicago goal


Bit of controversy late in the third period of Monday’s scoreless tie between the Blackhawks and Ducks, as Anaheim goalie Frederik Andersen dislodged his goal moments before Artemi Panarin looked to have scored the go-ahead tally.

Given the net was off its moorings prior to the puck crossing the line, the goal was disallowed — much to the chagrin of a livid Blackhawks bench.

The NHL quickly released an explanation for the ruling:

At 14:25 of the third period in the Anaheim Ducks/Chicago Blackhawks game, the Situation Room initiated a video review to further examine a play at the Anaheim net. Video review confirmed the referee’s call on the ice that the Anaheim net was displaced before the puck crossed the goal line.

According to Rule 78.5 (x) “Apparent goals shall be disallowed by the referee when the net becomes displaced accidentally. The goal frame is considered to be displaced if either or both goal pegs are no longer in their respective holes in the ice, or the net has come completely off one or both pegs, prior to or as the puck enters the net.”

Therefore the call on the ice stands – no goal Chicago.

The two teams would finish regulation tied at zero.