Barkov banged up for Panthers, bumps Jagr to … center?


The bad news is quite bad for the Florida Panthers: Aleksander Barkov is hurt and his night is over.

(The team is being opaque as NHL squads are wont to do, but the Miami Herald’s George Richards believes it’s a wrist injury.)

The good news? We get a taste, even if it ends up being brief, of Jaromir Jagr as a center.

It didn’t take long for Jagr to make a difference, either, as he gave Florida a better chance to carve out at least a point against the Chicago Blackhawks, cutting their lead to 3-2.

He inched closer to another scoring milestone in the process:

Jagr’s doing well enough to inspire those turn-in-the-knife stats:

On another note: the Blackhawks aren’t doing so poorly so far without Duncan Keith, at least not yet. Brent Seabrook currently has a goal and two assists.

Update: Chicago managed to hold on for the 3-2 win.